YouTube channel verified but not 🥺

My YouTube channel verified with brave… Showing verified for me and for others showing this channel not verified u can’t tip to this channel why???

Same with my YouTube channel … this brave browser is dead. Uninstalling will be a good option… use crypto browser

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On desktop or mobile? Seems like related to this An update regarding verification status on mobile devices


And last month its showed more than 15 bats and created nothing and new showing only 4.5 bats
Nd for june 10 bats I have earn…

Browser is two slow compare to chrome…
I have refered 10 ppl who have downloaded and using from of my eyes and system say I have refered 15 ppl and none is conform till now what but already 40 days crossed …:relieved:

I wil look this and I have no choice sorry
Better I dnt earn that’s fine
When I feel I got cheated that hurt lot :relieved::roll_eyes:

But showing verified from my mobile and system

Same to me nobody can send tip

@Aryan7 if you’re on mobile, please update to the latest version. 1.6.2 for iOS and 1.8.112 foe Android’s. This version should fix both issues.

But what about my earnings :relieved:
Which is vanished 6th may ???

It should fixed with the latest version too.

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