Youtube channel not verified since creation

I’m new user of brave browser, I’m french and I hope understand all I’ll reading here. :smiley:

I created my account to Brave rewards Creators few days ago because for instant it’s impossible to check uphold wallet on android, so I want contribute to my Youtube channel to transfer BAT to this (on my desktop account).
I add my channel march the 2nd 2021 and it’s always over. My channel isn’t verified. On Youtube my account is official and verified (by Youtube) but Brave won’t make the same.
I’ve seen several topics but my case haven’t perhaps the same issue.
I don’t understand what’s happen.
I missed something ? The link to my channel :

Thanks for advance.

EDIT : I’m worried too fast. My Youtube channel have been verified in 3 days, on PC and Android.

J’ai vu aussi qu’on répondait en français ici, donc mes prochains posts seront dans la langue de Molière. :slight_smile:


Your YouTube is working for me

I had the same issue and figured it out, if you have 0 BAT in your browser wallet, then it will give you the error saying you cannot tip this creator, even though you are verified

I sent you 1 BAT because I really like French Brittany Butter :slight_smile:

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Thanks for encouragement. I appreciate even if I see nothing changed, perhaps I receive it next month… :sweat_smile:
French Brittany butter is the better. I had some kilos at home. :smiley:

See soon.

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