Youtube and Scrolling issues


Since yesterday i have been facing this issue on Desktop Brave.

  1. Pages start scrolling downwards automatically. I try to scroll it up but it again traces back to the bottom of the page instantly. This occurs randomly for some time and stops. Sometimes i have to shut the browser completely and start again. At times it works or it still gives the same glitch then i have to restart the laptop. I don’t see this happening on chrome which is an alternative i have kept and i checked as well.

  2. I am watching a video on YT and suddenly it stops and starts loading the next video. Basically it jumps to the end of the video where you have the play and cancel button. I try to press replay but it doesn’t work. If i press cancel then the scrolling issue starts where it keeps scrolling downwards.

Hi @jaskeerat I haven’t seen these issues, can you try Brave in private mode, and disabling Hardware acceleration in Brave settings.

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