I cannot scroll through videos on youtube

I use Brave 90% of the time now, but when I want to watch YouTube, I have to use chrome, because Brave will only allow me to see the first 5 rows of suggested videos. At the 6th row the little waiting circle just spins and spins for hours. I do not have the same problem with Chrome. I can see as many videos as I like if I scroll. Brave was working fine until only a few days ago.


Can you tell me what version of Brave you’re using, as well as what OS?

One thing you can test to help us narrow down the cause is visiting Youtube in a private window and see if the videos after row 5 load here. Note that if you’re logged in when this happens, make sure you login in the Private window session as well.

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Using windows 10. Version 1.17.73 Chromium: 87.0.4280.67 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It works fine in private mode, but its a pain in the butt to login every time.


Thank you for testing.
This gives me the impression it’s either:

  1. Bad cache data for youtube.com – try clearing cache/data for Youtube then see if the behavior improves. To do this:
    1. Visit Youtube.com
    2. Click the “lock” icon in the address bar, then Site settings
    3. Then select Clear data (note that you will have to refresh the site after performing this action).
    4. Log back into Youtube and see if the issue persists.
  2. An extension installed is conflicting with Youtube. If you have extensions installed, disable them (all) temporarily, relaunch the browser, visit Youtube and see if the behavior persists. If the error does not occur (videos beyond row 5 load), re-enable your extensions one by one and see if you can pinpoint the offending extension.

Let me know what you find out or if any of the above is unclear.

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I have no extensions installed. I have cleared the data and no change

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Thank you for jumping through these hoops – unfortunately I have two more hoops to try :sweat_smile::

  1. Go to Menu --> New profile and create a new browser profile (you can delete this after testing if you’d like).
  2. In this new window, visit Youtube and see if the issue is still present.
  3. If it is not, then I think it still likely has to do with “bad data” stuck somewhere. To (hopefully) resolve this, you’ll have to clear your browsing data for all time (Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data).

If the issue is still present in the new profile, let me know and I will try to elevate this issue to the appropriate team members.

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