Brave Scrolling too Quickly

Whenever I scroll in the brave webbrowser (the only app that does this) it goes all the way down/up the page like crazy. I’ve tried my adjusting scrolling speed in my settings, but it will only work as long as I have my settings opened. I’ve installed an extension that can adjust the scrolling speed, but I don’t trust it.

I have this problem with all Chromium browsers (except Chrome). I hope that it gets fixed in brave because it’s my favorite browser so far. Either by actually finding the problem and fixing it or being able to adjust the scrolling speed in the settings. Until then, I’ll move back to Chrome.

I just started using Brave a few days ago - came from Firefox - and on the Mac with OS 10.11 and a mouse this is the same problem.
Makes the browser pretty much unusable for any task where one has to scroll.

This issue has been raised numerous times and it always gets closed by the system automatically.
I guess there is nobody from the Brave developing team looking at these threads.