Youtube ads have no skip button and no longer blocks ads either

There are a few suggestions here -


go to history
then clear all browsing data
then click ‘advanced’
then select every single box that it allows you to unless you want to keep passwords and fill in data you choose what you want to keep but most importantly clikc the
" browsing history"
the " download history"
the “cache image files”
the " cookies and other site data"
the " site and shiled settings"
and the “hosted app data”

before deleteing go up to " time range " and select “all time”

i did these steps and now my youtube is back to normal.

That did nothing for me

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@auron4545 @Grouch can you try Why do ads keep playing on youtube !?

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Its upto date and I think the update is causing the problem, it is not only youtube showing ads, but all pages started showing ads. For Youtube I downloaded a special youtube ad blocker… I really hope they can fix this.

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@Grouch your Brave Ad Block Updater updated to v1.0.552? And you still see ads?

I see ads since the update to 1.0.552 man.

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Sample video? and which geo location? Can you try a new profile / or test in Brave Beta

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The same happened for me since last update i cant see the skip button on any youtube video…

i also installed brave beta, and have the same issue, delete all cache and cookies this is anoying because i have shields down on youtube,

At the end i have to open youtube on chrome because on brave i dont have the skip button,


Happens to me too, nothing works to fix it :frowning: I have to use chrome for YouTube

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Sorry for the delay, we’re landing a fix in Nightly soon.

Outline: We had hard-coded cosmetic filtering, which is causing the issue.

Fixes: Now that cosmetic filtering is landing, I’ve got a PR: to remove these. It should’ve landed sooner, but its now coming to Nightly.


I have no idea how to do this man, I’am no coder or programmer.

I got a added problem aswell, youtube isn’t refreshing video’s anymore nor does it show the red bar on bottom where I can check if I allready seen a video or not… The problems keep piling up guys, I have no idea what the last update has done.

Youtube should be operating fine here. Maybe clear the cookies and cache, and re-login to youtube? Also testing via a VPN might help.

Tried it all, and I’am not paying for a VPN to skip ads, there are plugins that take care of that for me. The browser apparantly has some fault in it since I’am not the only one complaining. I can’t delete code, because I’am too much of a noob for that.

I’ll just go check out firefox instead, since this is going nowhere. Maybe with the next update stuff is oke again.

I just started using Brave today and ran into the same issue - on a fresh, up-to-date install of the browser. I could not figure out the reason or come up with any solutions.

However, even though it didn’t work for juanjosezg, the beta version of the browser seems to be working well for me. Just wanted to put it out there that this can be a fix for some people.

I’m getting this same problem, since about mid may i would say youtube ads are unskipable. I’ve cleared all the caches, updated brave, everything. and its still not letting me skip ads. With all the problems i’ve had with brave i’m seriously thinking of just removing the browser entirely

I am having the same exact problem as of 7/14/2020. Ads not being blocked on Youtube. Ads are not skip-able on YouTube. Is there an official that can get back to me about this problem?

Same problem here. Can no longer see the skip button, so I either have to refresh the page 4/5 times until ads stop showing up, or wait until 2 or 3 ads have played before getting to the content. This needs to be fixed ASAP - it has been a few months now.

@markbehiter are you still having issues with youtube?

@reason We rolled out fixes a few days ago,

Be sure you’re on Brave Version 1.11.104 Clear the cookies/cache for youtube, and then relogin. Disable all extensions as a test/try in private mode.

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