Youtube ads not skippable

Hello, I’m new to brave and actually agree on having ads on the web. At least on some sites it makes sense. So i allow ads, yet on Youtube they are unskippable, which is a real bummer. Any idea?

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You dont have to see ads just shield up in youtube site. And never appears again


Thanks Bebak - but I actually WANT to see the ads - but they should remain skipable. Why do I want to see them? Because that is the only way free youtube can work.

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i’m having the same problem, i want to watch ads, but i can’t skip the ads, and if they end, the video doesn’t start, i still on the ad only being able to re-watch the ad

the only way i found to skip the ad is reloading the page, and that’s not how this should work

Can you try clearing your browsing data (or at least any site data/cookies associated with Youtube) and seeing if this resolves the issue?

i’ve downloaded Brave 2 days ago and i was having the issue on the first day

also the skip button doesn’t even appears, if that helps

If this is a caching issue (which it likely is, considering other users have reported this or similar errors) then the length of time in which Brave is used is not necessary relevant. Let me know if you end up testing the above.

More things to try:

  • Does this happen only when you’re logged into YT or any time?
  • Does this happen in a private window?

i cleared the browsing data and cookies, tried without logging in & private mode, same issue

What Brave version are you using?

version 0.62.51 Chromium: 73.0.3683.103

Thanks for the details. I’m forwarding this to the team for review – I think it maybe logged on github already. I’ll let you know what I find out.

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Just wanted to share that I’m having the same issue. I’m leaving ads enabled for now so I can support the YouTubers who rely on them, but they are not skippable. Some ads are almost 5 minutes long or more, so I have to constantly refresh the browser and hope that an ad is short… or revert back to using Chrome. Ugh.


Bump to say this is still an issue.
Version 0.66.99 Chromium: 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10(64-bit)

Same problem even with incognito, Youtube music does not have this problem.

hi ,

Any news on this incident?

We’re working on a few different Youtube issues at this current time, but the overall goal is to make Shields more compatible/powerful without sacrificing security. We do have open issues for both Ads displaying and ads not being skippable:

This issue is to impacting i have it since i have the browser and i was thinking that the browser was build like this many time i wanted to leave brave for another browser. that’s so impacting and frustrating since i use Youtube a lot some time i got 30 min ads! :dizzy_face:

Having this same problem - Youtube the only site that I leave ads on in Brave, so I’m glad to see the Skip problem is being worked on!

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