Youtube ads don't let me skip them

When i go on Youtube i can’t skip long ads as there is no “Skip ad” button. I have to see ads of almost two minutes to watch some random videos. Is this a bug?

Did you have your Shields UP for YouTube?

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I don’t have Shield Up on Youtube, i want to contribute to creators via those ads. But still i don’t see why leaving the ads on YT mean i have to watch two minute videos before content when in other browsers Youtube gives the Skip Ad button

If you have your shields DOWN then Brave have no control for which kind of ads that YouTube shows you. It’s include whether the ads have or have no skip button.

You can consider to support your favorite creators via Brave Rewards’s Auto-contribute and Tipping feature.

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I use both Chrome and Firefox, in both the “Skip Ad” appears button and doesn’t show when in Brave. It’s not about having Shields Up of Down. Maybe there is something in the browser that makes that button not show correctly.

And i don’t want to use the Brave rewards because most creators won’t ever be contacted by Brave to get their payments because they don’t get to a threshold. I doubt any creator even knows Brave exists

This one @Naruedyoh :point_up:

But if i get that button always for years in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and even old unreliable Internet Explorer and the only browser i can’t skip ads is in Brave, then something is happening on Brave for that’s not working as intended. Maybe something is happening that makes that button not to appear.

I know you want to help, but this maybe has some problem. Don’t know who the cause is, but there is a problem to check what can happen.

There is a fix incoming (in 1.4) to allow skipping of the ads. The only temp fix is to enable Site trackers on youtube currently.

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