Youtube ad blocker notification

It is no longer possible to watch a video on YouTube with (Brave shields UP), I always have to deactivate it. started 12 hours ago


First my wife got it. She’s using what the laptop came with, Microsoft Edge, she hasn’t installed any adblockers and CONSTANTLY gets ads but suddenly she’s getting it. Wasn’t till she told me she was getting this Pop-up, I started getting it. It’s wiping any suggested videos down the side but at the same time SUGGESTING CHILDRENS YOUTUBE SHOWS WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN PLAYED ON MY SYSTEM… Why suggest them. How ILLEGAL IS YOUTUBE GONNA TAKE THIS… Congress and Senate MISSED Youtube when Indicting the Social Medias, So I and many others have MADE IT A POINT TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUTUBE GETS INDICTED AND FINED, IF NOT SHUT DOWN, FOR THEIR ILLEGAL CENSORSHIP AND PROTECTING CHILD PREDATORS ON THEIR PLATFORM.

@Jhoneshark PSA: YouTube Adblock Detection

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