Your account is under reviews

I want to clear up the problem
1st: I fully comply with BRAVE rules
2nd: I promote brave to my friends and students in my university!
Tuesday: In recent months, I have introduced my friends and have no problems with my account
4th: about the monthly payment amount I have seen many problems such as wrong plans, tips not getting enough …
5th: I watched the brave very long, I see the brave company near the community groups have a lot of reflection on the brave company, brave recently there are a lot of things reflected by the community like fraud, also A lot of other things, I do not rest, I have a case like those people
look forward to brave review, avoid losing my time because of things not worth it!

Hi @leminh,
Nothing that we can do to help you here.

Please follow the message and sent an email to publishers support team.

Apologies for the inconveniences.
cc @Asad


Just forget your account if I were you, they still reviewing some publishers account since January 2019 and didn’t come up with decent solution.

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