Your account is under review For no reason

Everything was going fine before the payout date comes . I don’t know what did I do wrong!!! Received 3 successful payout for last 3 months. Saw many users are facing this problem too. I don’t know what they are really doing. If they keep doing this to their publishers they will for sure lose their popularity that they have gained


same problem with me… brave please fix it so i have started loosing trust on you…
not only me many are facing this issue please fix it as soon as possible

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i got the same issure , what’s happening?

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i really dont know whats happing @steeven please help us with this issue every one is facing the same issue

i so worried about that because tomorrow is my payment date

tengo el mismo problema y es verdad asi brave estara perdiendo la popularidad y la fe de sus editores es que triste de verdad mi correo es

Same issue @steeven, what is happening i didn’t see anything violations that I did.

Sem problem to me.
When Get Ref Payout On December

email… they reply fast… i’m still waiting for reply from brand bidding