Your account is under review Creator

Hello Brave,
my account is under review and i answered on the email from suspension team but no one answered me yet, i was promoting refferal link on my youtube channel and everything was fine, it is my first payout and i am nervious about it cause i worked for it and dont want to get dissaponted. in the email was written if i have an idea why my account is under review and i dont have any idea please answer me at least to understand what is going on with my creator account.
Thank you.

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Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions .

The team will get in touch with you after your account be reviewed.


I was not going to open topic but i didn’t get any answer from suspension team, and people are withing here that they was waiting more then 2 month and i am scared about it. could you at least answer me how much time does it take. So i will know how much i need to wait. Thank you for your patience.

This one :point_up:
The maximum time I know so far is before the next payout.


Your account will be reviewed before the next payout date.