You just authorized Brave Browser but still unverified

just receive a mail by last month from uphold :
You just authorized Brave Browser

today i try connected again and check to my uphold account this happend " 3 minutes ago "

but still unverified

my region is indonesia (yeah i known my region no on the list) , but why i got this mail ? even cannot connect to brave reward

That is because ‘UPHOLD’ has authorized BRAVE to connect to your Uphold account. The mail you’ve received is from Uphold. It means that Uphold has allowed the connection but since you’re not in a supported region it is ‘Brave’ that restricts connection.

So transferring your question back here to your own topic, this is for all who meet the conditions I stated. Yours is iffy, as it seems you weren’t connected before but you are showing that you were able to link according to the screenshots you posted.

In any case, the news had just been shared with me today and I was given permission to advise everyone about being able to connect. Some of the changes are new and it’s possible that’s why. I’m also curious if any payout might still happen, as you can be connected on the “back end” via Brave’s servers but not be signed in on the browser.

I’m still speaking to the Rewards team on things and will be updating as I can. In the meanwhile, can you please answer the following:

  • What version of Brave are you using?

  • What operating system?

  • Is all of your passport and other documentation all from Indonesia?

  • Can you share a screenshot of the message you get when you try to link to Uphold?

-Brave version 1.45.123
-windows 10

Like this

notice has change to verified but pending and this notice hold for 50 minute and back to region not supported

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@NoUsernamehehe Ok. As mentioned, I passed it on to the Rewards team and they are looking. The last communication I had with them is that they were having backend engineer working on it. For now we’re assuming it wasn’t/isn’t working as intended but hopefully that will be changing before long. As always, I’ll keep updates on the PSA topic.

Thanks for advising of the changes you noticed.

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