PSA: Unsupported Region

Nope, at least that’s not the case for me.

I was verified, I did not reinstalled brave nor formatted my system, one day, out of nothing, they just decided they needed to re-verify my login and disconnected my brave account from uphold. From this day on I’m unable to connect it again.

My smartphone remains connected, just my personal computer is disconnected now.

@lucasrato what country are you in? Also, is all the documents (especially photo ID) you submitted on Uphold for the country you’re in?

Yeah, that’s browser side. Brave’s server side likely would have you still linked. You should be able to sign in/verify though, assuming it’s still the same browser/wallet payment ID and the same identical Uphold you had connected before…with you not connecting to anything else since.

I’m on Brazil, and yes, all my documents are from here, I don’t even have documents from other countries, in fact, I never left Brazil.

It is the same browser and wallet payment ID and the same identical Uphold account, I did not connected anything else. I don’t have a Gemini account, I don’t have other Uphold accounts, and I don’t have other computers.

@lucasrato Ok. I had just talked to someone from Rewards team before I gave the update. I’ll try to relay this to them and see if they know anything. Part of me is tempted to tell you to do a Rewards Support Ticket as well, just so they can see it. I’m just not sure who will get it and if they’ll shoot an automatic response to you. Still worth a shot though.

I’m also going to send you a DM.

At the time I created this topic: Brave logged out of uphold, now I can't login

I thought I was getting “device limit” but maybe I misread the message the first time it happened

this work for all not support country or just india and brazil ?
cause still got pop-up not support region.

@NoUsernamehehe I’m going to continue the conversation for yours over on your own topic.

But this didn’t work for Germany, right? Because I tried it right now and I’m further not able to connect to Uphold again.

I think, I meet all requirements, because I:

  • were linked in the past w/o changes to the browser / walletID
  • did not manually disconnect
  • have an active Uphold account

Unknown. Germany is in a very weird circumstance right now. It’s possible it would but I couldn’t say with any certainty. I’m still in talks with the team to try to figure things out. I only know they said recent changes should be allowing people who meet the criteria I listed to be able to connect. We didn’t get into any further specifics than that.

Part of the changes being made is changing communication between Brave and Uphold. So maybe it’s not perfect yet or something.

Hi @Saoiray
trying to understand what’s going on here with verification and Gemini.

I’ve been verified already for over a year with Gemini (The Netherlands).
Two days ago I had to format my computer and therefore reinstall Brave.

Now I’m unable to get verified again and get the error about my region being unsupported.

So, I assume that reinstalling brave is the issue? even if I had already been verified and also not logged out from my previous one.

I’m disconnected as My Rewards state on brave://rewards-internals/ is Not connected. So I am unable to reconnect.

I guess this could work for a user previously connected from an unsupported region whose Rewards state on brave://rewards-internals/ is Disconnected (Verified). Maybe @SmartyAadi can give it a try.

Ahh, I did give it a try, but yea, it doesn’t work for me as well. Thanks @Aman_M for mentioning me though.

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@SmartyAadi Just curious, is your Rewards state also Not connected?

I do have a doubt though. My laptop which I was able to connect to Gemini a few days ago showed Not connected but was still able to verify with Gemini, so why does that not work for Uphold ?

Yep, its not connected.
Just disconnected from Gemini to see if Gemini allows to connect back, it does. Makes me wonder why it’s not the same for any of my 3 devices which were connected to Uphold Prior to this region unsupported issue…

@SmartyAadi I suspect Uphold has not been implemented exctly same as Gemini. And you are right even when my Rewards state was Not connected in Android Gemini, I was able to verify again.

I guess when you manually disconnected Rewards state would’ve changed to Not connected? I tried as well and it did change to Not connected. So I guess there is a difference in implementation.

Probably. well, I have 2 devices as of now, which are unverified and were connected to Uphold earlier, so IDK how much, letting existing users reconnect is gonna be helping.

If you had done a backup of your Brave folder and moved it over that way, you’d still be connected. But because you’re saying you did a reinstallation, it’s seeing yours as a new device with a new wallet payment ID. So no, you won’t be able to link since Netherlands isn’t supported and yours would be a new connection.

@Saoiray ok i understand, thanks.

If you had done a backup of your Brave folder and moved it over that way, you’d still be connected.

well if i knew there was such issue to begin with, maybe i could have tried it :melting_face:
perhaps Brave could have informed the users about it (mailing list or popups), not everyone is reading on here everyday and one could happen to format his pc at anytime.

hopefully is one of those countries that’s being looked after and will be back at some point?
as you can imagine it’s a bit annoying we’re now collecting rewards that can’t be cashed out anymore


When you post the updates, would it be possible to write the dates in extended format? Like 10 Nov or Nov 10

As you know, US is the only country in the world that uses MM/DD/YYYY. That raises a lot of confusion among the users. 11/10/200 is in the rest of the world 11 Oct 2022.


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