Disconnection from the UPHOLD wallet and unsupported region... PLS HELP!

Hello Dear Brave Users,

I have a little problem with wallet connecting to Brave Browser.
I was Spanien on holiday, when i did the last update for Brave, after the last update the Brave disconnected from the Uphold wallet. I can’t reconnect… I’ve already returned to Germany, but I can’t connect back here either. There was never such a problem before the holiday.
I got this… Unsupported region … and unauthenticated Uphold.
i did downgrade also… for previews versions… but sam problem… Unsupported Region

Please help me! :slight_smile: What can i do?

You probably connected before Brave stopped supporting Germany for Verification of Rewards.

It automatically disconnects after 90/120 days for security reasons.

It is because Germany, at this moment is not supported for Verification of rewards. The supported regions are listed below →

That would not help the slightest, that could cause you to stop receiving ads as newer updates had changed the ways Ads are received by the users.

Gonna be Honest. Nothing can be done from your end, mate. Brave is evaluating situations in every regions and if possible they’re trying to add them back. At this time, they’re working On Brazil and India.
As far as I remember, I read somewhere saying that verification for Germany is in a tricky situation.

Also read the PSA →

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Hello @SmartyAadi ,

Thank you very much for your quick reply.
Unfortunately, this is not good news… I am really sorry… :frowning:

In the meantime, if I receive ads and collect BAT tokens, will it remain with Brave Rewards?
And in a future maybe if Germany is will be supported again, will it be added to my Uphold account, or is it unnecessary earning , wasted time… ?
I mean… what I will collect from now on will never transfered … and maybe start again from zero BAT ?

Kind Regards,


Yes, they’ll be stored on local files. This means that you will have to do backup of Rewards so that if you accidentally reinstall/delete/ reformat your device, you’ll still have the BATs. Get that info here -.

Yes, they will be transferred to your account.

It will be transferred for sure.

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