Cannot authorize Uphold account, region not supported?

I was logged out of uphold in Brave, then when I tried to authorize the app it showed this notification.

Why is this implemented and how can I go around it??

Please see the following notice and Help Center article for verifying with Uphold.

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold

Facing same problem from Nepal too ! I can login to my Uphold account from browser. The only problem I am seeing is that Brave reward has been disconnected from Uphold. Does this mean, the end of era of Brave browser for us ?

You can still view ads and earn Rewards if you are in an eligible country for ad campaigns, your payouts will be deposited in Your Balance in your unverified Rewards. Brave is working very hard to lift restrictions for Brave-Uphold connections. Just keep an eye out on the notices and/or Help Center article for updates. There is not an official timeline, but the buzz is that Brave will be lifting restrictions on some countries within the next few months.

Dusane za korisnike u Srbiji i okruzenju ne radi uphold,isto vazi i za Gemini jedino ako imas nekog u EU ba da iskoristis njegov broj telefona.Ali opet ne znam za dalje sta ce se desiti jer ce ti locirati komp tu gde jesi.

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I talked to Uphold and Brave moderators.
Only thing you can do is disconnect Uphold account and switch to Gemini.
If Gemini does not support your region , like mine, there is nothing you can do except stay Unverified and keep getting rewards this way so after some time when one of custodians accepts your region you can transfer them over there and cash out or do whatever.

NOTE: Uphold did not block does regions it just block Brave Reward system on your regions. They told me I can keep using Uphold but not for Brave Rewards.
Gemini altogether does not support Serbia as a region so you cannot even use it.


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