Yahoo Mailing Contacts are gone!

When using my Yahoo mail, prior to this new Brave release, all my contacts would work fine with the mailing addresses being auto-filled in the To: field when a name was entered and all contacts appearing when the Contacts icon pressed on the right side of the default layout of the mailing window.
After this most recent update, none of the contacts appear when the Contact button is pressed on the right side of the mail window, and no addresses are auto-filled in the To: field when a name is entered.
Consequently I am forced to use Mozilla Firefox for my effective mailing.

A minimum fix would be able to go back to the previous version, but I do not see any effective way to do that as I cannot find older versions on your server.

Please provide an effective solution.

It seems that after I reinstalled Brave, did a reboot, and a few browser restarts that the issue has resolved itself. There was a message that Brave had to re-initialize after a few relaunches, but either way it seems to have resolved itself.
It all seems to be working correctly.
Thanks for your support and consideration.

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