"No contacts available" in Yahoo mail contact list! No solutions on Brave, yet

All of my Yahoo contacts have disappeared, but they’re still on Safari! I notice I’m not the only one with this issue. I’m on a Mac using the current Brave browser. Please help. Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 9.40.48 AM

To confirm, you’re saying that your mail contacts – which are saved/pulled from your Yahoo account directly – do not appear when viewed in Brave at all? Do you have another browser other than Safari that you would be willing to use to test this against? It would be a very strange issue for only Brave to not show your contacts.

Can you test using Chrome and/or Firefox and see what results you get?

I have now for several days, a similar problem with Brave. On typing in the addressee line, when starting addresses that have been recently used, pop up so that I can select the address with re-typing in Yahoo mail. Also addresses that are commonly used with a n addressee also pop up giving me a chance to also select these. It is no longer working in Yahoo in Brave. My wife also mentioned this for Hotmail. It is still working when I use either Chrome or Firefox.

Also “No contacts available”, but working in Chrome and Firefox.

I don’t have Chrome, and it took me awhile to get onto Firefox, but my mail contacts DO show up in Firefox, also. It IS strange to me, too.

Did anyone try disabling extensions and accessing their yahoo/hotmail contacts? I don’t use yahoo, but I do have a dummy hotmail account and it’s working for me on my mac conflicting with @bxl_11 said regarding about his wife…

Edit: apparently I did create a yahoo acct a long time ago and importing contacts didn’t work… So after importing contacts in FF, and seeing the displayed in FF, the contacts are not shown in brave but do show in chrome/FF…

For Yahoo mail, I Allowed Popups, Flash, Motion sensors, auto-downloads, but still no view of contacts or popup of addresses when typing. I am using Windows 10.

I will test Hotmail with Chrome/FF later.

It looks like we’ve pushed a fix for this:

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Thank you, Mattches (and team)! I’ll keep an eye on it for the next day or two. Enjoy your weekend.

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Thanks, seems both contacts and auto-fill addresses are working

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