writing to you because I have not received payment

Good afternoon. I am writing to you because
I have not received payment @steeven my account is in perfect condition, I have never disconnected the Uphold checkbook, it has always been perfectly connected to my content creator account
@steeven what’s up there? I hope a solution … My CONTENT CREATOR Account email IS:

Thank you @LizYepez. Did you attempt to create a Gemini account?

@steeven Thanks for replying @Steeven. I have only Uphold account. I have not created a checkbook in Geminis! … I want to receive my payment in uphold please … I await your response

Hi @steeven

My account has also not received a payment.
My account publisher and uphold is in normal condition. But I have never received a payment for this month
Please check for my account ( my gmail: anhvt0112@gmail.com )

Please help me
My account has also not received a payment.
My publisher and account are maintained in normal status.
I was never paid for.
This is my account : lancebayer1993@gmail.com

Thanks all. There is a fix in place for what your accounts are likely experiencing.

Thanks @Steeven, hopefully if you find a solution, since the referral program will close, they should end up closing with a flourish and not presenting problems as they are presenting now. The other problem that is occurring is that the bats of the confirmations are not reflected in the account, it only appears to some people at 0.00 and the same balance continues to appear to me. and I have confirmed referrals and the bats are not reflected yet …

Many of my payments are still unpaid.
I’m feeling very sad; I’m feeling very upset …
I have a community of over 1 million members. Everyone loves brave.
But about the payment I am doubtful

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don’t know when our payments will be refunded.
We have waited a long time with no response.
May this not be a bad precedent for brave

Hi @lancebayer, you’ve just fixed your 2FA, is that correct? Then your payment will be processed during the next payout period.

It has been over 30 days. but I have not received my payment yet.
Is it sure that the next payment I will get

I will receive my payment this month

Escribo porque estoy muy molesto. el mes pasado no me pagaron 250.00 bat que tenia en mi cuenta y ahora reviso mi cuenta y esta bajo revisionm osea que no recibi pago de el mes pasado y tampoco de este. SI NO ME RESUELVEN ESCRIBIRE POR TODOS LOS MEDIOS NECESARIO YA QUE SON UNO LADRONES, UNOS ESTAFADORES SOLO UTILIZAN A LAS PERSONAS PARA QUE LE BUSQUEN REFERIDOS Y LUEGO NO PAGAN ESTE ES MI CORREO ESPERO UNA SOLUCION


Buenas Noches @steeven
No he logrado recibir el pago y quisiera saber cual es el inconveniente.
El correo de mi cuenta es geminis.serv.tec@gmail.com

My account lost all data and BAT please check it for me. I changed gmail password so youtube connection with brave is lost. When I log back in, the data is gone and now I have no BAT. Please check it out for me. Thank you.
Gmail: kailalim529@gmail.com

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