Can't reauthorize is JUST ON ANDROID

I’m not going to sit here and add all of the specifics. Obviously there is an issue now with being able to reauthorize on Uphold when trying to verify the wallet. I have been using Brave and have had my account connected to Uphold since Feb, 2021. I’m not using 4 devices ONLY 3. I literally just disconnected Brave from my Uphold account and just reconnected both my laptop and PC to uphold and they are now verified. But guess which one I can’t verify and reauthorize? ANDROID. Can someone please help with this. Jesus

The reason we ask you “the specifics” is so that we can better help you resolve the issue. Right now all I know is that it’s “not working/not verifying” on Android. What is happening when you try? How far in the process do you get? Are there any error messages? Have you ever had/been able to have this Android device verified?

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Android. Up to date. Been using brave and had my account connected since Feb, 2021. I have always received a pay out. Always. When I click “verify” it takes me to Uphold to sign in. I sign in and then I click “reauthorize” and it pops up saying, “something went wrong, please try again” the same message most people are getting. I only have 3 devices not 4. You are also the one who spoke with of one of my friends on here who said you helped him after 3 months not being able to fix it buy getting his wallet payment ID and he said within two days or same day (can’t remember) it was fixed. Tbh, I was hoping that you would be the one to help me out, I tagged you in a separate post about this last night. Sorry for sounding like an a*** earlier but I was just trying to get yours or someone else’s attention


Lets move this conversation to DMs. Can you send me a DM with your wallet payment ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page so I can take a closer look?

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Okay thanks alot bud

Conversation moved to DMs.