Would brave take my fictitious pull request for allowing google sign in?

hello from a lingering dev/coder who haven’t been working on his craft much in the past few years, who sadly never did a real PR and who’d love to be given an opportunity.

so, yeah, i want to help. but, above all, i want backups. and i want to use brave!


right now, for brave, i think it’d be really easy and simple to just use google for that. not to mention the added benefit of syncing up the password manager and all settings and stuff.

yeah. Google. why not. a tiny opt-in setting.

you’ve removed it from chromium, right.

i suppose you don’t want to add it back, but if i somehow, magically, after a few weeks or months banging my head against the wall, would fork it and do it, is there any chance you’d take the PR?

because i’ve got zero interest in keeping a fork. so if you’d consider the possibility this could be helpful for you too, then i’m already considering doing it. :wink:

CC: @alex, @clifton, @Serg and @brad

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@cregox although I appreciate the enthusiasm :slight_smile: , I don’t think we’d accept enabling Google Sync. Making a PR would be fairly trivial- we have a list of deviations from Chromium that we track (with links to the issues / PR), including disabling sync:

You’re welcome to discuss integrating w/ Google Sync in the issue we have tracking this (which was closed as wontfix):



sorry, i should have been more specific.

i mostly agree with @toml there. and i never meant extensions or even thought of bookmarks. i was hoping for passwords and activity logging, first.

so not sure if it’s the same issue/concern…

to me, it was more about importing passwords (and sure, if it’s easy enough to bring the rest, the merrier - especially extensions), and then keeping exporting the activity.

no need for sync at all.

on the bright side, i just forced me to try and install it on my chromebook. it ain’t very pretty (looks a bit slow and gimmicky, as one would expect), but it’s looking good enough for what it is! :slight_smile: let’s see in a few days.

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