No Google Sync?


I’ve just recently migrated to this app when I realized there isn’t any Google sync. When I installed Hangouts extension into this, it wouldn’t log me in because in the first place, there’s no Google sync. Can anyone make this possible, for I’d need to start Google Hangouts and other related Google apps in this browser? This is because the other web browser (Vivaldi) I had had Google, so I can’t stand without Google sync here.

Google Sync would send your private data to Google. It’s probably unlikely that we’d include that as-is in Brave.

Have you tried exporting your data from Vivaldi and importing it to Brave?

I was trying to.

But what I want here is a Google-like status which will claim that it is syncing on Google (but of course not) so that Hangouts app will be able to detect that OK, I’m signed in.

Actually, this is the real reason. I can’t use Hangouts app & extension because of no Google sync.

I’m able to use both the hangouts extension and website without issue in Brave. If you sign into your google account, you’ll be able to use them as well – Google Sync (specifically) is not required.

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