About Multiple devices and Using Brave browser with Bookmarks

Description of the issue:

Dear Brave & Community Support, I am new on Brave Browser, experienced well in IT and using Chrome and managing IT stuff. Like-wise we used Chrome Browser, and what’s exactly we do under our created profile, especially booking marking, and Passwords etc settings all are saved under our profile, and our profile is automatically syncing to Google account, So whenever we used another computer or remote location, or even crash of operating systems, no matter Windows or Mac, simply when we log in back to Chrome (Google account) the one we used to, all our browser setting, bookmarks and Autofill, Forms, and password restored to the new Chrome browser, or wherever we sit to log on to any computer through our Google account, we have immediate access of everything,

  1. I don’t find these options in Brave Browser, which is continues discouraging me to not work any more except simple browsing, and exploring Brave browser, but eventually I do my regular work on Chrome browser, to bookmarks sites, and other autofill stuff, and passwords, as it’s syncing to google under y account.

  2. I firmly believe that either i am missing this feature, which i I tried to dig out, on Brave browser, perhaps, now finally came here to support & community, to please help my on this critical issue, so I can decide either to adopt Brave for the future, or either go back to Chrome Browser. Please let me add one more, that I am not talking about importing bookmarks and setting from chrome, which I already did it, and it works, but I am talking about its real time syncing with some sort of Profile, like google, so at the time of remote logging or changing computer, or after the crash, I must have everything back to my browser as what I defined, as Chrome is supporting excellent way with my Google account.

Expected result:. Hope to hearing from you with the firm and solid solution answer.

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