First impressions, at random, focusing on privacy

disclaimer and mindset

few things I’ve read or scanned, and are (hopefully) at least somewhat relevant:

i know i’ll sound, perhaps for everyone here, like i’m against privacy or security (sadly, too many people use these interchangeably). but, please, bear in mind that i deeply believe one of my lifetime unnamed projects could very well be “resolving” security.

one of my latest crazy ideas was, on general terms, spending a couple of years better studying and understanding Lennon’s murderer and proposing the community to switch places with the murderer.

and yes, i would live in a glass house, unlocked if the weather or my health resistance to it allows, without a bank account of my own, meaning it could have public access.

easier said than done, but that’s a glimpse of my mindset. and i believe every single one of us would benefit from consciously merging it in their own way.

love brave!

that being said… i do love some tech done around privacy due to so many creative things that come out of thinking out of the box. such as brave.

i’ve used it for a few weeks, and loved it. except for 2 very specific things, so far. this first one, however, made me quit.

personal data integrity

or lack of there of.

just a random guessed name I just invented. or probably not.

in practice, my data is on Google. and completely secure.

you see, i couldn’t care less about privacy in the general terms people concern, as already mentioned above.

to me security is all about backup. literally, keeping a safe driving distance, safe speed, be allways aware and airbags are all just redundancy measures.

so, for data, i constantly worry about automating backups so i won’t have to worry about it when I need it. and logging is one huge way to use data to my advantage.

if brave doesn’t want to offer a simple way to let me log into Google, then give me a better option. or else, it’s a huge deal breaker. and it took me 2 weeks to notice, because, well, it’s just one in many backups and i don’t have automated tests in place to quickly give such issues… so, 2 weeks weren’t so bad.


i have a Chromebook. and I love it. replaced my last generation mbp pro for it. from 512gb hd toa32 with no regrets. sadly, there’s no brave there. and so i’ve lost my browser integration with mobile. no, i haven’t tried Android version there, nor will i. i know it sucks.

this led me to use brave only on mobile (granted, it’s where i spend most of my time) and with one foot always behind. it is too inconvenient.

obviously this has huge ramifications for brave’s success on one of the most important sectors. schools. and it’s a big reason why, once again, i think privacy extremism is harmful. when it gets on the way of development. creativity.

best wishes

i hope brave will get over this. but this is no easy task. the size of this boulder is literally planetary. privacy. and confusion with security.

there’s a lot of value in privacy, but only as adding layers to transparency. i think. in the end, anyone should be able to easily overlook on everyone else, if we simply want to. and i’ll continue to spend a lot of my lifetime trying to explain why.

this comes from a kid who angrily kicked his father on the leg, trying to break it, just because he was filming a moment. back in the 90’s. when privacy wasn’t this big. i guess. and i was that ashamed kid for way longer than i’d like to admit to myself.

there’s no need for transparency. it must be opt-in. but everyone should opt in, as soon as possible. and the way to do it, is through reconnection. bathroom philosophy, the mother of all sciences. not talking about Plato.


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