[wordpress] blog transferred, do i need to re-verify?

hi there,

i am using wordpress previously on my old hosting provider. i verified thru “brave-payments” plugin. my host has closed, and i transferred to a new hosting and only to find out that the verification happened thru “./well-known” method and have not made a copy of the file.

do i need to re-verify? i am currently verified on the brave panel.

Hi @gucabansimon,

Yes, you will have to re-verify, I’m afraid! You don’t need the same file. Just follow the verification wizard on creators.brave.com. Let me know if you need any help.

hi @Asad

can you point me where could i find the verification wizard?

er, do i have to delete my verified blog and again do the wizard?

Just login to creators.brave.com and click “add channel” from the dashboard. :slight_smile:

Hi @Asad, currently the domain/site has 1.90bat in the creators.brave dashboard, and its verified.

I tried to add channel but it says site/domain already exist.

If i delete that domain/site, will any pending/current/referral bats get cancelled?

Just making sure before i hit the remove button…

if your channel is still in your channel list, you don’t have to verify. My mistake, thought it was gone entirely :slight_smile:

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