Windows 11 integration

Hello everyone,

i will try to be as clear as possible as my english is not the best in the world…

First of all i’m a nightly user of Brave Browser, using Brave since the beginning of the project (before it turned to chromium xD), so my request here is mostly for the dev but i would love to have some feedback of others users on this request.

Yesterday, Windows 11 pre-release came out. Of course i installed it as a Dev channel user. New feature has come out, mostly visual/design TBH but one has caught my attention.
Windows 11 has an option to “blure” the top bar of the window (so adress bar + tabs). It works perfectly with windows explorer and settings for example and add a very pleasant way of using it.
Of course it doesn’t work with non-Microsoft app for now.

So my request is here; do some Dev in Brave have already installed W11 and starting working on it to intergrate new design feature.
I would love to see the address bar and the tab blured except the tab that i am using, it would act like a “floating” tab and could be very nice xD.

Anyway, i have 0 problem with Brave on Windows 11 so far, so this is great at least.


and btw after brave search i want a mail client : please :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows 11 received Properly ads

yes yes it works perfectly, with that new W11 sounds its perfect xD

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Brave Mail would be :fire: