Windows 11 Brave browser crashes instantly

I installed Brave because I was tired of Chrome, but ridiculously, every time I try to open it, a white screen appears on the left and disappears. I deleted and reinstalled again and again. I tried to install it via Microsoft Store and the problem is the same.

Below is an example video:

I really reallly want to use that browser mods. Please help me. :sweat:

I try to install Brave on a Virtual Machine Windows 11 and it worked. But it still not installing on my PC.

Why is no one helping?!

Hello! Curious, do you have this issue if installing the Brave Beta version? Do you have any special configurations on your Windows 11 PC currently? Thanks!

What kind of special configurations? Also yes. Same in beta version.

Try turning off themes and Close all 3rd party softwares temporarily in Task Manager before you Launch Brave…

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I tried but nothing changed.

I also tried disableing all the antivirus services.

Perform sfc/scannow in command prompt

uninstall the browser via iobit uninstaller, perform a restart of your PC and then install the brave browser again

Instead of using for downloading the setup file, try installing an older version for testing

see here

Once installed, brave will auto update to Latest version

if the browser still crashes, it just means you haven’t turned off other apps/themes properly like i said in my previous response which could be the reason why your brave browser is crashing.

Where can I find a older version?

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Nothing changed, same problem again.

Maybe try uninstalling GPU drivers 1st

if that doesnt fix, its safe to say you aren’t turning off the 3rd party apps/disabling themes…

Just to be clear, to properly terminate an app, use task manager, not the close button because some apps will still run in background.

Another reason could be malware…

Unless you show your Task Manager and Control Panel of Installed apps, it won’t help the troubleshooting process any further.

Can you explain what themes are we talking about? I also used Task Manager already.

The Video which you shared shows you have installed an theme, If that’s not an theme, May i know what’s it called ?

Ok, I disabled them too. Same issue.

Share your Task Manager with me, i want to know what’s running to help you further

Here is mine running on VM

Mine is here (5 photos):
task manager - Google Drive

Change Language to English

Then in Task Manager, click the 3 dot overflow at top → View → Group by type

Show screenshot of only apps and Background processes (Screenshots of Windows processes isnt required)