Will Braves VPN mess up rewards account?

Hello, im in the USA and i recently had to have brave support fix my rewards account (It got flagged). but its fixed now.
I noticed that brave now has their own VPN you can purchase (Powered by Guardian). If you use the brave VPN, will that mess up your ability to get your rewards? I dont want my account to get flagged and i know sometimes using VPNS will cause that.
-Thanks for the help. I didn’t see this question or answer in the FAQ’s.

@creepysound no. The answer is no.

Important thing to keep in mind is VPN alone has never been what gets people flagged. It was using VPN to appear in regions outside of your own. So if you’re in India and was using VPN to appear in United States, then it would see it as an issue because it assumes you’re trying to bypass regional ad restrictions.

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