Profile Flagged when travelling?

My profile has been flagged. I honestly do not understand why, since I did not do anything weird. I submitted a ticket, and been told that my profile will stay flagged.
I believe that this is either a mistake, or that then something serious may be going on without my knowledge. I submitted a second ticket (220212), and I’m waiting for an answer.

I’ve seen some people saying they were flagged when travelling, or using VPNs. Are these really reasons to get flagged? In 2023 a lot of people travel, work remotely, or use VPNs for one reason or another. How can some of these reasons cause people to be flagged?

If these are the reasons why people get flagged, how can I solve my flag problem? I travel for work several times a year, and use VPNs from time to time. I did this in the past and I never had a problem.

Any help is appreciated.

VPN has been used by many people to imitate being in a region having more ads and more paying ads too, therefore, but Chriscat (PM for Brave rewards) in a community call said that VPN alone isn’t gonna get you flagged so it’s some more factors which coulda contributed to you getting flagged.

As for traveling and getting flagged, I am not sure if that could get you flagged.

This could be a case where the region you selected for Brave rewards was A, your IP indicated you’re in region B and you had a VPN set to region C, that’s just something I could come up with which might be one of the causes for getting flagged. Don’t take this as an official answer

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Thank you for your answer.

Indeed I could have used a VPN while being abroad. Also switching VPN country from time to time. Maybe this contributed to getting me flagged. I did not know these kind of things were problematic :confused:

I hope this will be solved soon


A week after my initial post, and two support tickets after (last one is 220212), I still did not get an answer. I take the liberty of tagging you @Saoiray and @SaltyBanana, since I saw you answered some questions about rewards.

Can you help me please? Is there anything I can do to prove there was no wrongdoing from my side?

Thank you very much in advance for your time

When? If it was recent, then it’s possible yours was one they settled on. It was tickets answered prior to August where there was possibility for error due to changes in the system. I’m not sure if they continually respond if people make multiple tickets after a final decision. I’ll have to ask on that later.

Yeah, I’m a bit limited due to not being employed with Brave, but I’ll tag in @steeven and @Evan123 to see if they can let you now if the last response you had is accurate or if there are any changes.

Ticket 220212 is what you’re sharing.

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Thank you very much for your help! I was flagged by the end of August. After I was told my profile will remain flagged, I did not receive further answers. I would like to settle this, since I did not do anything wrong (at least not intentionally, as I suspect this may be related to VPN usage + travelling + … ).

It’s not about the money (I made less than $15 in BAT), but because this flag is unfair.

And thanks in advance to @Evan123 and @steeven for any help they can provide

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Hi @pcg, I can re-review your ticket but cannot make any guarantees of a differen’t outcome. Thank you for your patience.

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Thank you for your help!

An ongoing problem for months now

Hi @pcg - please see the latest reply to your ticket. Thank you.

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