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I just got a message that my profile has been flagged. What are the next steps?

Thank you


I read this might have to do with the fact that i use a vpn. Is this the case? How can we solve this?


Probably. You can use a vpn but your device location and vpn must match or you can be flagged. It has been recommended in other posts that you either turn off vpn while using Brave or disable Rewards while using vpn.

The flag will be automatically removed as stated in the notice you received. I linked to the Help Center topic just in case the flag was already removed and you no longer have the notice. What does it mean when my Brave Rewards profile is “flagged”?

Not doubting this, but I have been using brave for nearly a year and my vpn is always on, on all devices that I use. I keep seeing people say “it’s because of a vpn”, but that raises questions with me since it causes me no issues. I’d like to know if it’s a specific or a few specific vpn’s causing the issue. Last one I saw was OpenVpn. I use NordVPN without issue.
What VPN do you use @ManyUses ?

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@Herrvader I wonder how some people can use a vpn with no problems and others can’t. I think I will turn my vpn back on after the payout and see if I get flagged. :grin:

I was flagged when I first started using Brave. I was using a vpn then and only seemed to get flagged when I had problems verifying my account with custodial provider a few weeks later. To this day I do not know what actually caused my account to be flagged, so just left it off.

Do you have the Regional ad relevance setting below set to auto-detect? or disabled?

Yes. My regional ads are auto detect and my vpn usually connects to Atlanta, GA.

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Hmmm… Mine cycles through cities in California (usually)… wonder if that will be an issue.

I have no clue, but I wouldn’t think a change from city to city would be an issue.

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I’m in Florida. Still no issues with vpn connecting to atlanta.

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I use NordVPN and I regularly switch between 2 or 3 countries within the EU and the US.

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I don’t even have the “regional ad relevance” option available…

Brave is up to date
Version 1.38.111 Chromium: 101.0.4951.54 (Official Build) (64-bit)

@ManyUses Well, it allows you to select a specific USA state if you don’t use auto-detect or disable it. I don’t know how that fits in with privacy, vpn, country location, and all the other interconnected Brave features. lol

Hope @Herrvader has some information to share! Changing countries, even using NordVPN could be an issue…

Strange, I would think VPN were encouraged for privacy and all…
Anyway, I’m in the EU so not if this is the issue.

Thanks evryone. Let’s see what Brave team has to say

If you want a response from Brave support, you should tag them. They may or may not respond. This is the typical response from Brave support for flagged accounts:

Brave rewards account is flagged - #6 by Mattches

You could submit a request especially if your profile has been continuously flagged for all this time. You may get a response. Hope your issue is resolved! Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That may be the issue right there. Their system for flagging is automated. The jumping back and forth may just be the root of the issue. As I said earlier, I also use Nord and have had no issues except 1 I did on purpose trying to duplicate another users issue. But I agree, we could use the input from @mattches or @steeven .

By the way, when your issue gets fixed, I’d love to know what they say your issue is and what the fix was. If you could post that result, it’d be greatly appreciated!

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