Time to say: Thank you Brave Browser Team!

At this point, I would just like to thank the whole Brave browser team for all their efforts and me for the great participation in the Brave community and for using the Brave browser and pass on my personal respect to the whole Brave team.

I myself am convinced that the Brave browser will soon be the world’s number one internet browser in the near future, offering and continuing to offer us all a significantly better and much higher level of privacy protection on the net. Because all other browser providers have spied on us all and to our disadvantage for years.

Their greed for money and greed for our personal data and information and to stuff their own octopus databases and servers with our surfing and personal purchasing behaviour. I am also sure that many other browsers, the Brave philosophy of data protection for its users, as in the form of the Brave browser, without a legislation, would comply.

Keep up the good work Brave Browser!

Many greetings


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