Wifi - Maintaining Connectivity

I installed Brave within the past two weeks. Since then, wifi connectivity on my Apple MacBook Pro, fully up to date, is problematic. It simply stops working for all applications, except sometimes messaging. I’ve had to repeatedly reboot to get things working again. Sorry, but I’m going to have to pull the plug on Brave. I just cannot afford these kinds of interruptions.

Whatever the wifi issue you’re encountering very likely has absolutely nothing to do with Brave. Brave – like Chrome, Firefox, iMessage, Zoom, Quicktime, etc – is just an application the runs on the network.

If you’re seeing Brave itself connect slowly (or not at all) or fail to render sites correctly, that may be directly related to the app. If the Wifi connection on your system is failing or faltering, it’s probably related to something else entirely.

Sorry, I think you may have bad assumptions…

I resolved the issue completely by having to reload OSX and went back to Firefox as my default browser.
The only app I’ve loaded recently is Brave, and that is when wifi and network issues began happening.
Brave has cost me MANY waisted hours troubleshooting this.
I’m not impressed.

I’m very sorry for the trouble you’ve had to go thorugh.
That said, it’s still highly unlikely that Brave (the application) was causing any sort of Wifi disturbance. Please let me know if you’d like to dig into the issue further if you’re still interested in using the browser.

Thank you.