Strange Problem ( lost internet)

very strange problem

when i open Brave browser, my Internet connection disconnected

and when i close the browser, internet return back to work

i tried to re-install but still have same problem

Hi @albatta,

This sounds like more of a network issue. Have you tried rebooting your router?

Is not. Chrome, Opera, Outlook and other applications works perfectly. Every now and then (2 or 3 hours), Brave loose connection and cannot reconnect again. Sucks

I have this same issue. Its just on my laptop. I open Brave and it fully kicks me off wifi. I have uninstalled brave and reinstalled. I don’t have any other issues. Phones have no issue, other computers have no issue. My main hardwired computer has Brave and has no issue. Its just Brave on my laptop. Drivers are up to date. Settings for connection are correct.