Widevine does not exist on Brave extensions, Netflix/Prime/Hulu etc DO NOT WORK

M7701-1003 Error code when trying to play Netflix or Prime and likely other streams. I have NO Widevine extension at all. I cannot find where or how to install Widevine. Why is this such a persistent issue on Brave? Im on a MB Air with Monterrey 12.7, and have NO issues playing on Safari. This IS a Brave issue completely.

@kr8peace Widevine is in Brave as a built-in extension. You just have to enable it in your settings.


Not exactly. Just is the idea of people having to look through settings and all for options. Keep in mind that Settings even has a search option, so you can look for specific terms and it helps you find it faster.

In any case, go to SettingsExtensions and you’ll see it.

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