Why we need Uphold?


Since we spend BAT anonymously to reward our favorite sites , why we need Uphold to get our rewards back?
Wouldn’t be easy to use our wallet address instead of a centralized wallet like uphold where you need to be identified for using the service ?
I don’t trust Uphold and i wish i could delete my account from there records…



Hello i think that this is so becasue they make auotomatic mundial payments, why you think taht Uphold is insecure?? Really i see opinions some good opinions, others bad opinions, but work fine for me in my case.



I dont find a reason to share my personal information to any payment prossesor, when i can get my payments direct to my
cryptowallet . On the other hand why we accept to pay anonymously the sites we like but when it comes for our reward we need to share our info ?



**agree **in some points , like sharing our information and privacy. I **disagree **if uphold didn’t follow the security process to save our assets. :eye:



Uphold it just a starter for something bigger ( financial services features ) like virtual card for payment…!!! To have such facilities it’s required from government to save client background “ kind of protection and tracking of money sources “ and fight money laundering :moneybag: :soap::man_facepalming:t5:
From my side I prefer not sharing my private information :information_source: that’s why people trending now for crypto currency and blockchain technology.

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brave need autification on finger scan, one finger one brave user this help brave remove bots users or no true users. but n0w brave with help uph0ld want save self and make minmal bots which no good for this system. i think so. i no like uphold, but better way i dont know for save brave of bots.

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Uphold is a red flag on the long term. For now I am tolerant since I like the business model of Brave and understand that there are growing pains. But on the long term it should be possible to use my own wallet instead of Uphold. But, in earlier topics the team replied they are working on a solution for that. Hope it will be available soon.



Hi, i think that’s the main pain point in brave. I wanted to add a channel and then realized, that there’s no way (?) to pay out to another crypto exchange or wallet.

I can’t (legally*) and don’t want to (trust) register at uphold. And it fundamentally breaks the idea and promises by brave, imho.

  • legally: it’s against the law in some European countries to transfer data to US-KYC. So in Europe for many the situation is: break the law to transfer data to a non-trustworthy entity in the US which is technically and by principle (decentralization, anonymity) unnecessary. As long as brave doesn’t improve and stick to its promises here, i don’t see a future at the bright side of force.


Its just that i don’t feel “secure” to share my phone number or id. And i want to be clear that i don’t have any problem with brave at all. Its just a thought.

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Agreed. They’ve become more invasive this past year and started asking for old records from some users. There needs to be a solution that is more in line with Brave’s espoused values.



One potential issue is that funds would live on your machine. If brave/BAT is going to be adopted by non-techies, it needs to be user-friendly. Losing all your money because your computer died is about as far from user-friendly as you can get. People will not adopt a system where they have to learn to make secure redundant backups and manage secrets.

I think it’d be great to have rewards fully in Brave, but I don’t know how they could solve those problems without a centralized service.



Similar topics:

Have you lot heard of this protocol called Lightning Network (LND)? https://lightning.engineering/

I was curious could Brave do anything with this and could it possibly replace Uphold?

Here’s one of the founders speaking about it -

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@Mattches without a doubt senior members are aware of LND but do you reckon a statement of this can be made pertaining specifically to Brave-Rewards and Brave-Wallet on the official brave.com-blog?

I try to avoid creating topics willy-nilly in the community and initially considered creating one regarding the Lightning Network, do you think there’s any point or should I just leave it at the last comment before this and after this?



I think there’s always good cause to encourage or facilitate good discussions. You may want to tag @chriscat – he has a lot to say about the crypto space.



Hi, I totally agree. I’m in UK and have just gone through the whole verification process with Uphold, sending 2 sets of identification only now for them to permanently close my Uphold account with no explanation. Tried to ask them why and received this:

We understand the confusion in regards to the decision of your verification status. However, we have no further information available to provide you, as our decisions are solely based on the findings of the verification system and we have strict guidelines which must adhere to this recommendation. This decision is final and cannot be overridden. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding of our position and wish you the best.

Now i’m seething and feel like just jacking in Brave completely as it’s been nothing but hassle and all the promises appear to have just been lies…



Totally agree with that. Uphold can be an option, not should not be the only option. Brave Payments should allow users to input a address and simply transfer fund to that address.

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Exchange BAT Tokens

Totally agree with that. Uphold can be an option, not should not be the only option. Brave Payments should allow users to input a address and simply transfer fund to that address.

Exactly this: https://brave.com/brave-civic-partnership/

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Brave and Civic are both great projects in crypto space. It’s super that there is a partnership. What is the outlook for real working solutions from this partnership?



No, it’s exactly not that.
Civic is a KYC service. This thread is about crypto wallets and exchanges. And the fact, that brave claims to be a privacy respecting browser. Which doesn’t really go well together with surveillance services like civic.