Exchange BAT Tokens

This may attract some “hate” in any way but i was wondering if i am able to Exchange my BAT Tokens for Real Money

yes ofcourse


I understand, do i need a Uphold account for this?

you can look here about it more info

So i read it and there were some talks about sending the Funds to a different adress, i made a Coinbase account and i want to transfer my earned BAT Tokens to Coinbase, is that not an option currently?

about it i don’t know

There is no withdraw option for BAT in Brave Rewards wallet yet. Hopefully, with BAT being added to various exchanges, there will be a withdrawal option soon.

As far as I can tell Uphold is currently used for Brave Rewards Creators. This is not the same as the Brave Rewards wallet in the browser.

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Maybe I’m missing it, but is there a roadmap published somewhere? And if so, is this multi-directional transfer of BAT shown in this roadmap?