Why was password search removed?

I always use the password search function and now its gone. Its aggrivattion because i am constantly manageing passwords. Now i have to scroll through a list of over 200 random named websites and apps. This is a deal killer for me.

I haven’t tried mobile, however the ability to search passwords is still there on the Windows version. The magnifying glass search button is in the top-right corner, which creates a query such as this:


Are you using desktop, or mobile?

As PDC mentioned, password search hasn’t been removed. The search glass still exists. People just sometimes make assumptions it’s to search other things. But if you click on it, you’ll see it is to search passwords.


It’s very important to look for things and test stuff out, especially if you’ve noticed any changes.

This is on me. I had to get a new monitor last week and need to adjust the colors. It was hidden basically in the back ground.

Meh,. I wouldn’t fully go that far. Brave and Chromium keeps making a lot of changes without giving us all a heads up. Just like how Export Passwords is no longer available in the same location. Our habit was go go to Password Manager and then click on the hamburger menu and select Export Passwords.

Instead they changed it to Password ManagerSettingsExport Passwords.

And for the search, it used to show right on top where all the passwords are listed. Now they kind of mixed in the password search to look just like the settings search does. Like literally, if you go to brave://settings/ and look for the image compared to going to brave://password-manager/passwords for the
image, it all is the same. The only differentiation is after you click the search glass and see the text:




Whoever is behind a lot of the ux changes is a bit of a mor0n. Not only in making changes without making it known to people, but they don’t necessarily make it anything easy to figure out. It’s just a lot of guessing by Users.

I guess I’m kind of used to it from testing new programs for jobs before, having spent years beta testing games, etc. So I do tend to slow down and try to find things multiple ways, but it should be a more user friendly than it has been lately.

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