Why private Tor mode doesn't allow using bookmarks bar and extensions?

I believed that Brave may be a good alternative to the Tor bundled browser until I realized that the Tor mode not showing bookmarks nor extensions.

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The general assumption is that if folks are using a Tor private tab, they really want that activity to be considerably private and remove risks of being de-anonymized.

Those are some of the precautions taken to help ensure that Tor private tab browsing holds to the highest standards of privacy.

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Thanks for replay, It does make sense, different people use it for different needs.
Anyway, i just found a chrome extension that allowing access to onion sites, so
the regular mode will give me the functionality i was looking for.

If you’re in a Tor private tab you should be able to visit .onion sites anyway. If that’s not working, please let me know! :smiley:

Missing support for bookmarks in private windows with Tor is a bug, but it is a consequence of some deep internal design decisions that are difficult to change. These decisions made it easy to ensure that private windows with Tor forget your history, but they have downsides too. We are planning to change those design decisions, but it’s not trivial.

That said, you can always load .onion URLs in private windows with Tor, as Alex said!

We do not encourage using extensions in private windows with Tor because they are likely to make you distinguishable, ruining your anonymity.

I too vote for having extensions allowed in Tor. It should definitely be off by default, but in a privacy centric decentralized web we should still be able to interact with extensions, like Metamask.

Maybe there should be a very explicit warning to go along with it.

I’d like there to be a bookmarks bar for TOR.

If you are concerned about privacy, make it an entirely separate bookmarks bar, just for TOR.

Can this be accomplished?

It just needs to be a separate one for TOR.