Settings,bookmarks,and extension's gone: Update

Description of the issue:
Bookmark’s bar got hidden ,took me awhile to figure out they were even still there,had to reenable unhide book marks bar,and extensions,and settings removed completely,after i opened a private tor window i went back,and noticed it was gone .though they could have been gone earlier than that,as I use brave dev ,and brave beta as well. I did come across a post of someone with a similar issue that was old,and his was due to an update so i suspect that’s the cause.:frowning :frowning:

**Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1.
I tried adding an extension,then opening tor browser in a new window to reproduce just once

**Actual Result
nothing changed.

Expected result:
I expect to not lose my stuff ,or for my browser to be altered at all without my consent.

Reproduces how often: 0 times reproduced for me

**Operating System and Brave Version
Windows 10 home , version 1.4.96 , Edit: fixed a mistake Edit 2 :I am so pissed. I just went back to my brave browser,and now my bookmarks are gone as well,also the 2 extensions I added since are gone too now its a completely fresh browser . Its still version 1.4.96 . so I have no idea whats doing it , But i lost some important bookmarks that I couldnt possibly remember all of . How can this happen with the stable version. Stable version my @~~. I suppose it’s my fault for not assuming it could happen at anytime,and not saving my book marks right then and there. I restarted my pc so Im guessing thats what finished me off :unamused:

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