Allow Bookmarking Pages in Private Windows with Tor

It would be very helpful to be able to bookmark pages while using the Tor mode in the Brave browser. I primarily use the Brave Browser for Desktop (Windows 10).

I could see the feature working like this:

Bob visits in a Private Window with Tor and clicks the bookmark icon. The menu shows “Edit Private(Tor) Bookmarks” (whereas the incognito mode would not have this at all, as it is incognito, and private means personal).

These bookmarks would only be available in a Private Window with Tor.

(optional) It might be a good idea to offer password protection for (A) all bookmarks in a Tor window; and (B) individual bookmarks in a Tor window. This is also applicable to regular windows.

This seems like it could cause a major privacy concern: you are using Tor to keep your browsing private, yet you keep a log of your favourite private browsing in the form of bookmarks… If you only want to keep your browsing private from your ISP that’s fine, but I think most people using Tor sessions also want to keep those private from other users, software apps, data mining, etc. Even with encryption, logging Tor bookmarks would seem an issue to me, because it would be so simple to create them accidentally.

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