Why my earning is so low

*why my income is so low compared to other community members?

Do you have Brave news enabled ?
Sponsored images in new tab page ?
Notification ads turned on?
Maximum number of ads you can get is capped at 10 ?

First, it depends who are you comparing with? When you say “other community members”, do you mean some that from time to time mention they are receiving 100BAT? Those are frauds :smiley:

Second, it depends mainly on how many campaigns are available in your region. Advertisers target specific regions. Not all ads are available everywhere.

And final, it depends on the way you use your browser. More the activity, more the chance to view ads.
Here are some tips of what you can do, and what you should not do.

  • Activate Brave rewards
  • Deactivate auto-contribution
  • Activate Brave News
  • Grant push notifications for Brave in your OS
  • Use the browser regularly
  • Watch as many Brave News as you can. Ads will be embed in them
  • Open links in new tabs. Ads will be shown in the new tabs

Important: the following will ban your profile

  • Do not use VPN
  • Do not run bots to simulate browser activity
  • Do not change any file in your profile folder
  • Do not impersonate users from other regions
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hello ,how much you are earning ,my earning is around 4 bat per month ,(3.81 this month )
and i spent 4 hours on brave ,i dont know how other people earning 10-20 bats per month specially in india

so bro chill

where i get this all setting

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