Ad earnings are too low

I used to earn more bat coins per ad view, but now I earn very few bat coins. surely there must be a problem…

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The ads prices are changing all the time.

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Whereas I earned 0,01 by ads, right now I’m earning 0,001. It surely has gone really slow

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@neroxyr and @zeki161 go to brave://rewards and take a screenshot of the page. It’s the one that shows your Estimated Earnings and how many ads you’ve seen.

0,687 bat for 146 add this is worst .

If the situation is the same in March, I will stop using the brave browser, it will not be like this.

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@zeki161 looking at your screenshot, this means you’re getting 0.0047 BAT per ad on average. Since they can pay as little at 0.001 and as much as about 0.05 BAT, it’s not bad. The ads paying closer to 0.01 and 0.05 are going to be more toward United States, Canada, etc.

If I’m seeing language right, you’re in Turkey, yes? In your area, advertisers aren’t charged as much as they would be in countries like USA. Since we’re paid based on what the advertisers pay, that means you’ll have less earnings.

If you were in a country with more expensive advertising, then it could look more like below:

New Tab - Brave 2_19_2023 14_00_29

Just keep in mind that as economy fluctuates, so too will advertising costs and what we get paid. Some months will be horrible. I have months where I only have earned 1-3 BAT at most and have had other months where get really lucky and earn as much as 40+ BAT.

If you see the link that SmartyAadi provided, you’d see a couple years ago they discussed of ads paying as little as 0.001 BAT. You’re earning 4x that, almost 5x that amount.

Actually based on what you shared, we have been able to determine you’re earning more than 0.001 per ad. You’re just getting some ads for 0.001. Btw, have you taken a look at to see how many ads are in your area, which OS they are advertising on, and how much they pay?

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