Add to Metamask Feature

The new Brave Wallet does not sync with Coingecko’s “Add to Metamask Wallet” feature. I had to add the Tokens one by one using the “Add Custom Asset” feature and even had to look for this option in the browser settings. Please fix this? Thanks


@thehycut does this help? Wallet Connect not working since Brave Wallet update - Metamask.

I think he’s talking about the feature here in the screenshot which I can confirm does not work

same as Tokens Not Adding From CoinGecko



This feature of MetaMask is used by many Web3 sites. It makes it a lot easier to add the display of a token to the wallet.

Repro’d the issue will shortly log an issue for this. CG doesn’t recognize the wallet. Throws an error when trying to connect.

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Yes, I’m referring to this one.

We’ll be adding support for wallet_watchAsset soon