Why is YouTube showing up as insecure while using brave browser?

When I visit YouTube while using brave, I get a security lock next to the URL. But as soon as I click on a video the lock turns into a unsecure red exclamation mark for the rest of the time I use YouTube. YouTube still appears as an https, doesn’t happen to any other websites or browser. Also only on my iPhone, not my computer.

I’m getting the same thing, hopefully this can get fixed soon!

Some subresources must be not served under https. It’s on youtube to fix imo.
The same thing happens on iOS Safari, notice there’s no ‘lock’ icon present

The difference here is we use a more prominent UI in this case


When you go to m.YouTube.com in Brave, and you click on different video’s to watch, you’ll notice that the red exclamation mark(:exclamation: ) is showing as you see here in the picture.

And this is equivalent to ‘no lock’ icon on Safari

left image has the lock icon means the connection is secure,
right image, no lock icon which means connection not secure(https)

Brave uses more scary icon for it, that’s all.
I hope youtube can fix it on their end.
We can think of a less scary design for our ‘lock’ icon though

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Same thing happens even on their own browser, Chrome-iOS :frowning:

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