I’m still getting the (Unsecured) red exclamation mark on YouTube!

I use Braves YouTube a lot, and lately I have been the red exclamation mark next to the browser when it should be a lock :lock:. Please check on this!(My Brave Browser is updated to current update.) (iOS Only)


Dees the URL begin with http or https?
Open settings, go to Brave shields and check if upgrade connections to https is enabled?

Yes, i’ve always had the secure connection on, but it’s just when I’m navigating through videos using Braves YouTube that I noticed the red exclamation comes up on the videos but when I refresh it it comes back with a lock and not the exclamation.

When you go to m.YouTube.com in Brave, and you click on different video’s to watch, you’ll notice that the red exclamation mark(:exclamation: ) is showing as you see here in the picture.

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