Unsecure browser for YouTube videos

YouTube.com in the Brave Browser when I clicking on a video or a new video the browser becomes unsecured and I am getting the red exclamation mark instead of the lock :lock: symbol in the search bar. Please check on this, thanks! :pray:t3: (For iOS/iPhone) (Current update for Brave)

Brave browser shows no problem for my Android and windows device. For my apple device, I have no problem with YouTube, but for some other websites like xda, nextpit i have the issues.


When you go to m.YouTube.com in Brave, and you click on different video’s to watch, you’ll notice that the red exclamation mark(:exclamation: ) is showing as you see here in the picture.

Please fix this soon!!

I have this exact issue for YouTube As well on IOS, I’m hoping it gets fixed soon. (Yes I’ve checked that in the address bar it shows up as HTTPS and now HTTP)

Can be reproduced by—>

Loading YouTube
Clicking on Any Video
Looking At the Address Bar

This is not a bug and happens in Chrome-iOS as well, check this thread for more info

So something wrong with YouTube or IOS? That’s kinda concerning…

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