Red exclamation mark next to URL?

Description of the issue: My personal website is getting red exclamation mark next to URL indicating my site is “dangerous”. This only happens on Brave browser in mobile (Desktop Brave show SSL lock). Other browsers also shows SSL lock icon (Chrome, Edge, and Safari) on both desktop and mobile. I tried hard refreshing + clearing browser cache but it doesn’t seem to go away. What would be the cause of this? Why would this only happen specifically in Brave mobile browser?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to via mobile.

Expected result: You will see red exclamation mark next to URL.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.33

Mobile Device details iPhone 12 Pro

Additional Information: I’m a web developer, I will be able to modify the code myself if necessary.

@kevinmnm I looked at your website and I do not see the error you describe.

I’m on android 12 latest brave version 1.33.106.

Can you share a screenshot?

I also see the red exclamation mark near your website on iOS 15

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I’m on Version 1.32.3 (

Here is the screenshot. I’m using iPhone so I’m guessing this might just be for IOS device then…?

Yup seems like it, screenshot from me also

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Same; but often, a reload of the webpage, changes that icon to a padlock.

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