Why is there a deduction of 1 BAT from my Uphold Account to Brave? Please return me

Why is there a deduction of 1 BAT from my Uphold Account to Brave? Please return me.

I don’t mind paying but I am shocked that the payment from Uphold can happen without even me agreeing to it.

What else are you “agreeing” on my behalf?

Hey, check if auto contribute is ‘turned on’ on any of the devices you’ve connected to Uphold. That’s the only reason why it should send BATs to Brave. You can turn it off using the toggle switch which will stop sending BATs to any website other than ones you manually wish to tip. Cheers!

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I definitely did not turn it on, I would appreciate you refund me.

I feel pissed that money can be deducted from my uphold account without my approval.

It’s turned on by default. So did you turn it off manually on all devices?

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I want you to just pay me back.

How and Why? Isn’t it your fault to have missed the Auto - Contribute settings ?

And to be honest, stop crying for 1 BAT. You atleast get some money by viewing ads, in Chrome even after viewing tonnes and tonnes of ads you basically gave them chance to make money off you, let alone they paying you for ads. So appreciate what you’re getting I guess that’s all I have to say.

I checked one of my browser, and the setting was on by default, which I think is totally unacceptable. I believe Brave deserves to be paid, but I don’t wish it to be done in this situation.

Please return me my 1 BAT.

It is not the amount, it is the principle.

My Uphold account has the same email address as this account, please give it back to me.

Mate, it’s you who didn’t check if auto contribute was turned on. You’re atleast getting money from doing something you were doing on Chrome which would ‘make them money’. No way anyone is liable to give your 1 BAT back.

Which software or which system is configured in such a way that I need to switch off an auto contribution that you programmed into the system?

I suggest you pay me back.

@raymondng Hey there. It’s been a while since I did a fresh install of Brave, but whenever I’ve done it on any of my devices, there was a bit of a tutorial and it advised of these things. I understand not everyone takes the time to read user manuals or tutorials, instead just closing it.

That said, we have been having feedback from people on this and Brave is working on modifying the menu for the future, to warn/verify before contributions are set and/or to have it off by default.

That said, there’s no guarantee of a refund as it does come down to people having to make sure to read and pay attention to things rather than just clicking buttons and assuming they know what they are doing.

As for your situation, the best advise is to open a Support Ticket with Brave so they can look into it and respond to you.

I cannot accept that a software’s default setup is to make payment to its developers. I don’t think any software should set default payment and that I have to make an effort to disable payments.

I don’t wish to argue any further. I would have given you the $BAT to begin with, but not under these circumstances.

Who was arguing? Btw, let me make sure you understand something here.

Brave Community is a place where Users and Brave staff all talk and help each other. The first person who responded to you is a normal User who has been bouncing around and helping people.

I am a Community Ninja, but that doesn’t mean too much. The title is something given by Brave because I spend a lot of time helping people here. I’m not emplyed with Brave and may as well be considered just another User. I just have been using Brave a long time and helping on forums, so the title is just there to let people know I’ve been acknowledged by Brave for being helpful.

This is why I advised you about submitting the support ticket, as it’s the primary way to be guaranteed that someone from Brave will see your issue and respond. How they handle things will vary with each person and circumstance, so none of us will be able to say whether you will or will not get a refund. All we can do is share our own opinions and try to give you advice as best we can. Of course, my advice also was a warning for you in the future, as it’s incredibly important you take your time to read things when you sign something or begin using programs. Without it, you’ll end up accidentally giving permissions to things that will hurt you.

Anyway, hopefully you got that support ticket submitted and they’ll be able to help you out.

Thanks for your answer.

When you accept an agreement, you have to read entirely, mostly for you interest. I understand you don’t accept paying someone without knowing, but the rewards project is created for tipping purpose, not for earning by watching ads; sure, you can collect BAT for yourself and convert to money, but this is not a faucet system. That’s why auto contribution is On by default, cause it is the default use of the browser.

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