Why is it so hard to get support?

I ask for help to why I am not getting my BATS paid out to my Uphold account. I ask Uphold, they said only Brave support can help. I asked Brave but no one replies or even cares.

I ask to un black list my wallet to Uphold. No replies.

I ask to get my recovery keys to my 4 wallets to Uphold. No replies.

I created a YouTube channel to be verified by Brave admins but nothing happens.

Is there someone going to help us? It has been months.

If you’re not getting BAT into your Uphold account, its likely due to the fact that you are flagged.

If you’d like to state your case for your personal wallet being unflagged, please write to us here.

We do not manually verify channels — this is done via automated process and user action. If it’s not working for you, something may have gone wrong during your setup. Additionally, just so we’re clear here, self-tipping your own Creator account will result in the account being banned.

Thanks for the link.

I cannot even tip myself because my channel isn’t verified. :wink:

Thank you.

@akee A lot of what you said makes no sense in how it was written. If you speak another language natively, try to write here your issue. That said, I’ll try to address a couple things.

You put this in category of Creators but then mentioned “4 wallets” and other things, which sounds like you’re speaking more of Rewards than Creators. So can you differentiate if you’re asking about Brave Rewards from viewing ads or if you’re talking about a Creator account?

What do you mean “un black list?” For anyone to help you, it is important to know what notification you’re being given. Such as if you are being told your region is not supported, if you’ve been flagged, that your account has been suspended, or what exactly are you referencing?

If you’re referring to Brave, nobody has recovery keys for you. All recovery keys are held by Users and are our sole responsibility. Brave has absolutely no way of knowing what our keys are and if we lose the, they are lost forever. If you’re talking about anything associated with Uphold, then you need to reach out to them because Brave has nothing to do with Uphold accounts or information.

If you completed all the paperwork as required, then you just need to be patient. They have a lot of things going on. Also important is to make sure you’re in supported regions and meet all criteria in order to be a Creator. That said, did you create a Creator account and do everything at https://creators.brave.com/sign-up ?

@Saoiray, my terminology may not match yours hence it makes no sense to you. Yes, I did mix up both rewards and creators in my message. Apologies for that.

However although my message makes no sense @Mattches understood what my needs were. His suggestions worked and at least I have a place where I can create a ticket. So all I can say is my no sense message at least got some attention that can get me moving and for that I am thankful for the replies. Let’s move on… :wink: … and I’ll wait another week for my channel to be verified. I have shared the access to Brave Rewards | Creators.

Thanks again.

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Awesome. I just was bouncing around like crazy and wanted to comment what i did in case somehow might have been able to get better clarity for everyone. Think it’s because i had just dealt with people who said their issues went unresolved and so just had that mindset that there’d be something missed.

Good to know you seem situated. Hopefully all goes well.

Thanks Stephen for helping out. Appreciate it.

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