No response from Support

Hi. 4 days ago I have received message that my account is under review. 2 days ago I have decided to write to the support team. (Request 7223) I haven’t recive the response from them. I would also like to know if when the problem get resolved if I will recive last month bats donation?

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Hello, @bpoklar. Support is often very busy following payouts. Please be patient and your email will be addresses as soon as possible. If you don’t receive a response in a couple of days, please feel free to update this thread and I’ll work with you to address the issue :slight_smile:

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Ok. Thank you. What about my question?

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If the Support team finds that your account is in good standing, and that there are no issues, you will indeed receive the tokens associated with the account.


Hello @sampson! I still haven’t recived the response. Can you please help me out. Thank you. Request: 7223

I find that support for questions addressed in this community forum concerning BATs and/or Brave Rewards in general is quite deplorable.

I wouldn’t be surprised if BAT fails due to the poor support. Ever since I installed Brave (dev), I haven’t been able to use Brave Rewards and I have no clue why! No progress seems to be made. Please wake up, Brendan! I would appreciate some answers to my questions.

It is too soon to say. We are still in early stage :slight_smile: I think brave and its reward program is really good project. Only not that decentralised as I’d hoped it to be. I hope they will reslove my problem soon otherwise all the hard work to bring al those people to brave browser it was all for nothing (for me). Sorry for bad english, It’s not my primary language

I would agree with you: it’s a great project and would be better if we could easily add any BAT based wallet into Brave for example using an account address. If Metamask ( can host multiple cryptocurrency wallets, I don’t see why this feature couldn’t be integrated into Brave. The next thing which would be extremely useful is to be able to easily convert and transfer money between the [Brave integrated BAT wallet] on the one hand and [credit/debit cards or PayPal accounts] on the other hand. I think this will be essential to Brave Rewards’ success.